Support development of new clinical practice guidelines

Our extensive community networks continue to grow around the paradigm of ‘Patient-driven Translation’. Our ‘BRAINtranslate’ program has been highly successful in advancing knowledge transfer between consumers and researchers across our major disease groups. Researcher participation is cross-disciplinary, bringing together experts from neurology, health economics, engineering and health informatics.

Translational outputs include:

  • Introduce and acclimate the community to new precision technologies

  • Establish patient self-management as a philosophy

  • Facilitate greater clinical trials enrollment

  • Create new pathways for research refinement

  • Evaluate the health economic benefits of this new

    paradigm and measure impact of translation.


  • Significant patient reach and reputation as trusted leader in brain research and patient education: over 11,700 patients from over 27 countries.

  • Strong international ties for research exchange and collaboration & neurologist training

  • Partnered with the Chinese Neuroscience Network of 250 leading hospitals, a unique Asia-Pacific (APAC) alliance to enhance clinical trial activity.

We are now undertaking an advanced neurology research and training program we have called ‘Precision Neuroscience’.

The aims of the program are to:

  • Increase patient participation and empowerment 

  • Support patient education

  • Support clinician education

  • Enhance the design and success of clinical trials • Improve patient selection

  • Improve outcomes for brain diseases.

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